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C4201 connector plastic shell terminal poor contact detection current composition

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For the connector market has grown, then the quality requirements for the connector is also increasingly high, then the manufacturer is required if the detection of it? Detection of a lot of what today describes the connector of the poor contact detection and current composition:

    First, C4201 connector short-break detection

    Some terminals are used in dynamic vibration environment. Experiments show that only test the static contact resistance is qualified, and can not guarantee the use of dynamic environment, contact and reliable. Because, often contact resistance qualified connector in vibration, shock and other simulated environmental tests are still instantaneous power outage phenomenon, so some of the high reliability requirements of the terminal, it is best to 100% of its dynamic vibration test to assess its Contact reliability.

    Second, C4201 connector single hole separation force detection

    Single-hole separation force refers to the state of engagement of the contact from static to movement of the separation force, used to characterize the pin and jack are in contact. The experimental results show that the separation force of single hole is too small, which may cause the signal to be broken when subjected to vibration and shock load. Check the contact reliability by measuring the separation force of single hole. Inspection found that single hole separation force of the jack, measurement of contact resistance is still qualified. To this end, the production plant in addition to research and development of a new generation of flexible mating contact stable and reliable contacts, should not be used for key models with automatic insertion force testing machine multi-point homogeneous measurement, response to finished products 100% Hole separation force check, to prevent loose signal due to the individual jack short break.

    Third, C4201 connector conduction detection

    At present, the general high-current terminal products manufacturer acceptance test without this project, and the user installed after the general need for conduction testing. It is recommended that manufacturers of some key models of products should be increased by 100% of the point-by-turn detection.

Then the contact resistance should be composed of the following parts;
1) the concentration of resistance current through the actual contact surface, due to contraction of the current line (or concentration) show the resistance. This is referred to as a concentrated resistor or a shrinking resistor.
2) film resistance due to contact with the surface layer and other contaminants formed by the film resistance. From the contact surface state analysis; surface contaminated film can be divided into a more solid film layer and the more loose impurity pollution layer. Therefore, the film resistance can also be referred to as the interface resistance.

3) conductor resistance The actual measurement of contact resistance of the electrical connector contact, are in the contact lead-out, so the actual measured contact resistance also includes the contact surface outside the contact and leads the conductor itself. Conductor resistance depends on the conductivity of metal materials itself, its relationship with the ambient temperature can be used to characterize the temperature coefficient. In the actual measurement of contact resistance, often used in accordance with the principle of the four-terminal method Kelvin bridge design of the contact resistance tester (milliohm meter), the special clamp clamped in the measured contact termination parts, so the actual measurement of the total contact Resistor R consists of the following three parts,

Insulation resistance is a limiting factor in the design of high impedance circuits. Insulation resistance is low, which means that the leakage current, which will destroy the normal work of the circuit. Such as the formation of a feedback loop, excessive heat generated by leakage current and DC electrolysis, will damage the insulation or the electrical properties of the connector bad. Insulation resistance is mainly affected by insulation materials, temperature, humidity, fouling, test voltage and the continuous application of the duration of the test voltage and other factors.

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