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The role of automotive connectors in the electronics field

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It is the bridge connecting the circuit, is the core automotive components in the car to clear the circuit, connected to the role of current. This indispensable part is the car connector, almost every engineering staff must be exposed to it. Its form is generally different, if you want to be divided according to type, usually based on the shape and frequency.
 The main components of automotive connectors are the following: First, contacts, which is the key parts. Second, the shell, to help fix the connector together. Third, the insulator to ensure the core components and the insulation of the shell. Fourth, attachments to help equipment installation.
As the continuous development of society, the various parts of the car has undergone constant changes, all the equipment has become advanced, automotive connectors are also moving towards precision, in order to comply with the development needs of science and technology. Therefore, the current requirements of the components of reliable material, must have good corrosion resistance and heat resistance; current stability; temperature should be controlled within a certain range, which also its design and specifications put forward certain requirements. At the same time, it's stable and reliable to ensure that the car's safe driving, because once the connector failure, the consequences would be disastrous. Connector testing is also one of the most important part of the appearance, material and stability of the test, recognized the feasibility and reliability of the components, so that consumers and businesses can rest assured that the purchase.
Connector range of applications is very wide, for now, the automotive connector has a strong market potential. As the core of the car, it occupies a certain market share. Domestic and foreign enterprises have moved production base to China, indicating that the bright future of the component in China. It also has its own development trends, such as manufacturing process enhancements, production efficiency, more refined and intelligent, to protect its quality and level, and will be more widely used in the production and life. Select the appropriate connector is also very important, we must first put quality first, only the quality of good parts can be safe and secure. Second, select a high level of product, and then to consider its function, give priority to select the industry-leading level of connector. The final price should be affordable, with a solid quality assurance and reliability.


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