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FPC connector clamshell | plug-in features and applications

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FPC in the Chinese meaning of flexible printed circuit board, popular speaking is made of soft material PCB, mainly for the LCD display to the drive circuit (PCB) connection, the current products mainly 0.5mm pitch products , While 0.3mm pitch products have also been widely used.
FPC connector is still very common, first of all because of its characteristics are very obvious, FPC connector is a high density, and small size, and light weight, it is nine holes arranged, it can be used in the better Space-saving design. While the FPC connector height of 1.0mm when the installation area and depth is 3.2 mm. FPC connectors are currently best suited for digital machines. And a lot of the use of the lock structure. Because in recent years, China's rapid growth in mobile phone production led to a large number of mobile phone connector needs. In the cell phone connector, the battery connector, SIM card connector, FPC connector demand the most. So the connector in the future market occupies a very important position.
It is precisely because of this, FPC connector is now a very wide range of market applications, in many places you can see its shadow. For example, in computer equipment, computer motherboards, telecommunications cards, memory, LCD monitors, mobile hard drives, etc. are useful. For example, in mobile devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players also began to use more and more FPC connector.
The products are widely used in audio, car audio, TV, typewriters, digital cameras, camcorders, camcorders, digital cameras, digital cameras, digital cameras, digital cameras and other electronic products, Calculators, cash registers, telephones, printers, CD-ROM, VCD, DVD, wireless instrumentation, as the equipment and aerospace products.

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