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Connector quality must highlight the two aspects

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Connector quality must highlight the two aspects

Today's society with the development of science and technology, more and more advanced mechanization of equipment, to replace the trend of manpower is also becoming increasingly evident. In mechanical, there is an important part is the connector, although this part is small, but often plays a very important role. As a connection to play a hub, the connector is good or bad, directly determines a mechanical safety performance, practical performance, and life expectancy, so choose a good connector is very critical, in the purchase of machinery and equipment Of the time, we must pay attention to this one aspect.
Evaluation of a connector good or bad depends mainly on the mechanical properties of the connector, the so-called connection refers to the main part of the insertion force and pull-out force is not in line with standards, insert force is too high, insert difficulties, not only very inconvenient , But also a long time, then the whole machine will bring security risks. For pull-out force, this one as much as possible, because the pull-out force is too small, it is easy to fall off, not only affect the life of the connector, but also for the entire machinery, will cause some security risks.

For some special occasions in the work of the connector, we must pay attention to its environmental performance, that is, the connector must be resistant to high and low temperature, must be able to work in the case of high humidity, there must be resistance to shock And the ability to squeeze and even vibrate. In the high and low temperature resistance, a good connector must be more than two hundred degrees in the normal work of high temperature, the parts can not be damaged due to high temperature. Low temperature generally go through minus 60 degrees Celsius low temperature test, because the connector of the workplace is not fixed, a lot of equipment should be in a special occasion to work, so this one had to prevent. Humidity, as we all know, the humidity will affect the insulation properties of the connector, so when designing the connector must take into account the humidity of the environment will not affect the connector, to undergo rigorous experiments in order to determine its performance. Connector also has an important indicator is the performance of the earthquake and impact resistance, this one in the space, rail, road transport performance is very obvious, the connector must be strong, there is a very good seismic effect, in case of To some harsh environment, when to maintain normal work, and not because of the huge impact caused by damage, affecting the work of machinery.

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