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PCB circuit board connector applications and use of

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PCB connector industry in mainland China is one of the few areas not affected by the global economic recession due to strong domestic and international market demand, with the electronic equipment to a higher transmission speed and more compact development, the connector follows this Therefore, connector products suitable for various portable / wireless electronic devices, such as chip connector, optical fiber connector, wired broadband connector and micro-pitch connector, are expected to become the star products of the future.

PCB circuit board connector is what, what role, is not our family life is common plug-in board Yeah, a lot of people on the PCB circuit board connectors have a lot of questions, this stuff is full of curiosity. Circuit board we are very familiar with, will often encounter in the home life, especially home appliances more often, will often use, especially the TV or washing machine and other household appliances, will regularly on the plug line Board replacement, to avoid the aging of the plug-in board, leading to the emergence of some security incidents.

PCB circuit board connector widely used, the audience a lot, select the regular manufacturers of products can be used for a long time, after all, electrical safety, but very important.

PCB series of connectors Use: for medical aviation, railway projects, industrial projects, aerospace projects, monitoring, test equipment, ship systems, electric sightseeing car; UPS; communication power; charger, environmental protection batteries and other products of choice for high current connections . The connectors are made of PBT and have excellent electrical and electrical characteristics, and are widely used in industrial applications.

Electric vehicle, electric buses, forklifts, golf carts, tourist cars, tractors, batteries, communications power supply; UPS. AC. DC power supply. EPS. Inverter, high-frequency module power and high-frequency charger Systems, electrical machinery; electric wheelchairs. Electric scrubbers. Mower. Vacuum cleaners, medical equipment; attracting machine. Decompression machine. Electric therapeutic bed; power. Material handling equipment. Rechargeable battery applications. And other enterprises, and the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed the Anen (An energy) series of high-current connector products, has been widely used in large-scale national electric machinery R & D projects and transportation. Railway. Aerospace products.

PCB circuit board connector with plug-in board has a great relationship, plug-in connector is a very common use of a wide range of electronic original one, according to the type and shape of the plug, but also to the pcb circuit board access Plug-ins are divided into several types. The most common is the most widely used fiber connector connector, mobile phone connector connector and computer connector connector and home appliance connector connector. The most widely used is the players, mobile phones, computers, home appliances and machine connector connector, almost every family or even everyone will be used. Pcb circuit board connectors of different shapes, only you can not think of, there is no product on the market type.

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